Veloso clan national reunion

November 26 - 27, 2005
Leyte Academic Center, Palo, Leyte, PH

WHAT'S IN IT FOR CLAN MEMBERS: Those who have attended the Veloso Clan reunions since 1983 know that it's fun, fun, fun! It's fun to find out that you have many relatives you can turn to for advice, support, or friendship. It's fun to know that your closest friend is related to you, maybe five times removed.The best part is when you realize that everyone in the community are somehow related to you. This is when reunions become more interesting. At some point, a yearly reunion evolves to serve a higher purpose aside from having a gathering. Finding out that clan members have similar habits, affiliations, or hobbies also emerge. Examples: (1) We noticed that many Veloso clan members are artistically or musically-inclined; (2) Politics is in the blood; (3) A charismatic personality is another common factor. OK, now we're really stroking your egos here --- and that is not the intention. Please decide quickly, take a leap of faith in this adventure of finding your roots or reconnecting with family --- and join in the reunion! Please bring your friends. We're a very inclusive clan!

HIGHLIGHTS: Philippine Department Of Tourism Secretary Ace Durano has already confirmed his attendance. Gov. Icot Petilla will host Saturday night's dinner. The formation of a Veloso Foundation is included in the agenda, as well as the election of national officers. Cultural presentations from each lineage or province are encouraged. Dance fundraising contests, including the famous Leyteno tradition, the "Curacha," will be held. Plan on bringing a Hawaiian outfit for Saturday night's dinner. For those who are in the Philippines to attend the Ad Congress in Cebu, you might be interested in making a side-trip to Tacloban the next week-end. We encourage clan members who want to get to know their roots and history to go to this reunion --- or to e-mail Butch Veloso indicating their interest in attending and helping plan future reunions, including next year's reunion.

BUTCH VELOSO +639189104498
[email protected]
Address: Fatima Village, Tacloban City 6500, Leyte

- U.S.-BASED VELOSO CLAN MEMBERS: Call 1-866-2-MANILA, reference: Veloso Family Reunion. Travelfast International (travel wholesaler) at or ask your travel agent to call Travelfast International. Johnny Francisco, President of Travelfast International, will have his staff ready to get your booking at the best possible value-packed pricing available.

- PHILIPPINE & COUNTRIES OTHER THAN USA-BASED VELOSO CLAN MEMBERS: Text Butch Veloso at +639189104498 or e-mail [email protected]

Whether or not you attend this reunion on November 26 and 27, please e-mail Butch Veloso. Once a yahoogroup is established, networking with the Veloso Clan will be quite easy, especially if you are trying to track your roots or if you are doing networking.
- Please e-mail:
1. Your name
2. Mailing address
3. telephone numbers
4. e-mail addresses
5. OPTIONAL: If you live outside the Philippines, please indicate the name of city/town and province that you or your relatives live(d) in the Philippines. It is also helpful to put down the names of your parents so Cirilo Veloso can double-check the database for you. You can also write down the names of your brothers and sisters.

- If you want to send a greeting using a WAVE file by e-mail to Butch Veloso, especially since you cannot attend the reunion, please do so asap to [email protected] The Veloso clan members will be delighted to receive your personal video greeting even if you're thousands of miles away. Let's do it!

- Photos/digital files of previous reunions, family pictures (with captions), and videotapes or wave files of your own Veloso family reunions are also welcome for our archives. We also promise you that before we use any photo or videotape for inclusion in our website, we will ask your permission. We're also looking at having certain links in this future website password-accessible only to Veloso Clan members who register with us.
- Please send us your suggestions. This is a work-in-progress.

- The Veloso Association had their first fellowship meeting on December 28, 1983 at the Sacred Heart Center, D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City, Philippines. The two intergenerational emcees that facilitated the program during this historic gathering of over 250 relatives were: the late Ralph Veloso and Lorna Veloso Lardizabal (Dietz).
- The first genealogy book of the Veloso Association was also published in time for the 1983 reunion. There were ID cards distributed to each family member with their genealogy numbers imprinted on them.
- Currently, Cirilo Veloso is updating the Veloso Clan database.

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