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Leyte gov receives recognition from hospital association

Tacloban City (November 21) -- Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla will receive an award during the 57th Convention of the Philippine Hospital Association at the Manila Hotel on Wednesday, November 22, 2006, 6:00 o’clock in the evening.

Governor Petilla who is on his first term as the governor of the province of Leyte has done so much in terms of innovative health programs and services.

Foremost among his innovations is turning the district hospital in Baybay, Leyte into a self-sustaining district hospital which is a far cry for it has always been subsidized by the provincial government in the past. Today’s realities make it doubly difficult for hospitals to survive especially with the increasing cost of inputs and resources required to maintain quality services. Nonetheless, by collaborating with the relevant private sector group, Governor Petilla has been able to mobilize people, improve the facilities and services through networking activities.

Governor Petilla used participatory governance in this endeavor by enlisting the help of Sister Eloisa David, the administrator of the Divine Word Hospital in order to help look into the problems of the district hospitals so that their services will be improved.

Instead of returning the district hospital to the Department of Health as other weaker governors do, Governor Petilla turned a non performing asset of government into a money-making venture. He did this not only by improving the facilities but also by patiently looking into the value formation of the hospital staff.

After Baybay District Hospital, Governor Petilla also improved the services of the Leyte Provincial Hospital, the Abuyog District Hospital and the Ormoc City Hospital.

Satisfied with his handiwork, Governor Petilla turned his eyes on the mentally deranged who are loitering in the City for the absence of any facility which will accommodate them.

Governor Petilla, in partnership with the private sector again, turned the Babatngon District Hospital into the Asilo de San Benito where the mentally deranged are housed and treated until they are able to return to the normal society.

Governor Petilla personally joins the taskforce which goes around the City looking for the mentally ill. Priority is given to the female mentally deranged because “they are more exposed to danger.”

Governor Petilla does not allow the lack of needed funds to deter him from doing what he feels is urgent like that of the Asilo de San Benito. In order to source for fund, Governor Petilla himself sang in a fund-raising concert together with musically gifted priests. Luckily, Governor Petilla is indeed a consummate singer.

In fact, another fund-raising concert is in the offing at the LAC Center on November 30, with no less than Sarah Geronimo, who sang the National Anthemn in the just concluded Pacquiao-Morales bout in Las Vegas and Mark Bautista who together with Ms. Geronimo had a successful concert in the United States.

As the primary organization that confers recognition and continuous support to public and private hospitals in the country, the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA), led by its president, Dr. Tiburcio Macias, has played an important role in ensuring access to tertiary health care among the public. The PHA has collaborated closely with the concerned public sector agencies, from the Department of Health to the Social Security System and the Government Service Insurance System, and Philhealth, so that ordinary Filipinos are not deprived of their right to inexpensive and quality health care. (PIA 8)

The legacy of Mayor Carina Veloso Flores

By Nelson C. Robles

Mayor Carina Veloso Flores is the first lady mayor in the history of Oton.
Carina, who hails from Samar, is a lawyer by profession. She garnered only a little less of thirty votes against her rival Franie Escanlar, a physician by profession, in her first attempt in 1998. It was a close fight between a tumandok (native) and a pangayaw (outsider), an issue the Ogtonganons would raise to promote their kind.

Surprisingly, Escanlar failed to file a protest to contest the result of the elections which he could appropriately do so, to think the difference was just barely a hairline. Perhaps it was providential that the town of Oton was given a lady executive after long, long years of being dominated by machismo-kind of political leadership.

Carina then, had undergone her "baptism of fire" so to speak, as some municipal employees tend to resist her style of management. Others who tend to resist likewise momentarily experienced a culture shock as they were not used to follow orders from a woman. But the lady mayor stood her ground, put her best foot forward to prove to her detractors and critics alike, she seriously means business and no monkeying around.
She implemented strictly but with compassion, rules and policies expected from government employees in serving their clients: the public.

Gradually, Carina's efforts to improve the attitude and working habits of the employees resulted to a healthy relationship; in the process efficiency has tremendously increased.
No wonder, the town of Oton was recognized and awarded by the Iloilo Provincial Government Treasurer's Office as one of the towns having highest tax collections last year.
Constructions of different structures such as the public market, public toilets, a gazebo in the town's plaza and the rehabilitation of the town hall's façade are obviously a manifestation of active and efficient management.

The coastal road along Brgy. Alegre going down to town proper which started a month ago with an initial budget of P10 million was realized through the efforts of former Senate President Franklin Drilon. It could also be one of Carina's biggest legacy for her constituents, being the implementer of the said project.

For trivial information, the coastal road project was initially suggested by Miag-ao Mayor Gerardo "Gerry" Flores to Sen. Franklin Drilon when the latter paid a visit to Gov. Niel D. Tupas Sr. while still at the old capitol office. Gerry's suggestion was due to his concern for rerouting the provincial buses to ease out traffic along the old highways and for the benefit of the passengers in appreciating the beauty of our coastlines with fresh air, free from pollution at the duration of the trip. Somehow, all these developments in our town could still be attributed to the legacy of Mayor Carina Veloso Flores to her adopted town which she already learns to love more than her own.

7th National Empowerment Conference and Fourth Global Filipino Networking Convention
September 28 to October 1, 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii

The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) will be convening its 7th National Empowerment Conference and Fourth Global Filipino Networking Convention at the Hawaiian Hilton Village in Honolulu, Hawaii on September 28 to October 1, 2006. This is the same group that convened the Third Global Filipino Networking Convention in Cebu City last January 20-22, 2005 with co-convenor Cebu Visitors and Convention Bureau.
Please e-mail me if you are interested in attending this networking convention. US-based Veloso Clan members can use this convention as a reunion venue also. We are celebrating 100 Years of Filipinos in Hawaii and The Diaspora. Our radio talk show, "Filipina First & Foremost" is planning to host a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands immediately after the convention (a separate project from the 7th NaFFAA Conference & 4th Global).
Please e-mail me for more details at [email protected] or [email protected] See for upcoming 4th Global information. For the schedule of Hawaii's 2006 Filipino Centennial Commission's calendar, click on

American jailed for mistreating a female Moro Lawyer
Posted by wyzemoro under Bangsamoro

A reports from Mindanews that an American was jailed for 3days for maligning Atty. Mariam Veloso Mastura-Mamukid - a female Moro lawyer working in the City Prosecution Office, Davao Hall of Justice. Ate Mariam is the daughter of prominent Moro intellectual Datu Michael Mastura of Maguindanao and Lourdes Veloso of the prominent Veloso clan in Cebu. Bad luck for that American guy he messed up with the wrong person. He's thinking that because Ate Mariam is wearing a Veil (head scarf) and Abaya (long black dress) he can just pushover her. 3days tourist vacation in jail is well-off lesson. haha! fear the likes of Ate Mariam. Fear Moro! we are not pushover, we are gallant freedom figher!
After reading the news i then texted (SMS) Ate Mariam to verify if it's true and if she is really the one in the news. She reply it's true and after few minutes she call, it lasted 3mins 31seconds. Nakichicka ako! tsismis! haha!
Ate Mariam said that maybe because she is a Muslim in Veil he mistreated her without knowing she is a lawyer/prosecutor. He ask forgiveness after learning the true identify but Ate Mariam feels it's not sincere. The american guy after he post bail, he flies off to Thailand (daw) and i think he well curse his stay here and he well never set foot again in Mindanao particularly in Davao.

Lourdes Veloso Mastura

Lourdes Veloso Mastura was born on the Pacific side of Leyte and comes from a large Visayan clan. She attended St Theresas in Cebu (high school and college) and Ateneo de Manila (graduate studies), and taught at her alma matter in Cebu. How did she end up in Magindanao? She was going to the US along with some girlfriends when her aunt, who was the college dean at Notre Dame, Cotobato, convinced her to come to Cotobato. While teaching at Notre Dame, Lourdes met her husband: Michael Mastura, a law professor at the same institution. Michael, academician, historian, statesman, and lawyer, comes from Magindanao royalty-he is the great-great grandson of Sultan Muhamad Dipatwan Kudarat-one of the most charismatic figures in Mindanao history.

In 1987 Lourdes established a weaving center in Cotobato. There has really never been lasting peace in Cotobato, and '87 was a year of many skirmishes-evacuees from farms fled to the cities. Most refugees were not skilled. When asked what they did the common responses were farmers and weavers. WEAVERS - this gave Lourdes the idea to start a livelihood project to help the women (most couldn't afford milk and fed their babies tea and sugar). At first, Lourdes provided the thread and looms-the looms were in weavers' houses and this posed a few problems as houses were small and fabrics were prone to damage. With donated funds a building was erected where most of the looms could be housed, and the materials and fabrics were secured at night.

Starting with 20 weavers, the center now has around 80. The women have been able to make money to build better homes and to send their children to school! But, what Lourdes pointed out as most important is that the women have gained confidence in themselves.

Leyte solon says billions to be saved from 'No-el'
Courtesy of Leyte Samar Daily Express Vol. XVIII Friday May 5, 2006
By Joey Gabieta (Staff Writer)

TACLOBAN CITY - Leyte Rep. Eduardo Veloso said the cancellation of next year's elections could help save the country billions of pesos that can be used to deliver services and projects to the people.
Thus, Veloso, who represents the third congressional district of the province, said the plan to amend the country's Constitution, which could pave the way for the cancellation of next year's election, should be pushed through.
"We are the only country in the world where practically conducts an election every year ...the expenses of which could be used for debt servicing and other infrastructure projects," the solon told Leyte Samar Daily Express."We are living in a democratic world right now because we keep on looking for democracy, we keep on looking for freedom because we want elections left and right," Veloso, who is serving his last term, added.
He said the government was able to save almost P10 billion when the scheduled 2005 barangay election was canceled. And this year, Veloso said, the country would save almost same amount with the cancellation of the elections for the presidency of the Association of the Barangay Chairmen and the Sangguniang Kabataan, respectively. Veloso said that the cancellation of the barangay elections, originally scheduled on 2005, was a factor why the country's peso gained strength in the market.
"We have lots of money because of the postponement of these elections," he added. During the 2004 elections, the country spent P11 billion with the same amount to be incurred by the government for the 2007 elections. But Veloso told Express that with the plan to amend the Constitution, the country could save billions of pesos as the 2007 elections will be canceled.
All incumbent elective officials are to continue to serve beyond 2007, the year that they are supposed to end their current terms of office. The plan to amend the Constitution is being supported by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. But this plan to amend the Charter is strongly opposed by different sectors.
Veloso, however, said that Charter change must be given a priority now if only to help stabilize the country's volatile political situation and on the practical side, help save the cash-strapped government of much-needed funds. He told Express that amending the Constitution could either be through a people's initiative or by converting Houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, into a constituent assembly.
Asked if the people's initiative would still push amid allegations that the gathering of signatures, a prerequisite for the said mode to materialize, Veloso said its up to the courts to decide."It will be up to the Supreme Court how will it judge," he said. He also said that the possibility of both Houses of Congress be converted into a constituent assembly in amending the Charter is another possibility that is strongly gaining ground among members of both houses.
"There is really a plan to convert (both houses of Congress) into a constituent assembly because we are getting so tired of so many elections," Veloso said.

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