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Contact page for Veloso Clan


  How to contact velosofoundation.org

To be a member and included in our Genealogy Book.

to Butch K. Veloso ([email protected]).

.....In your e-mail please indicate your grandfather, father and mother, brother and sisters, your spouse and children, if any. This would enable Cirilo Veloso to easily verify and process your membership application.

To send web materials such as pictures, news items or publications and other softcopy files:

.....Please register and be a member of our VelosoClan Group in Yahoo. Our group is an exclusive group meaning our group administrator will verify first every membership application before adding you to the group as member. If you are not a Yahoo Member, please sign-up and register as member it is free.

To e-mail the group administrator -

[email protected].

To immediately access the site, type this URL in your browser or click the link below -


For other matters:

.....Foundation Affairs (National) - Butch K. Veloso ([email protected]).

.....Foundation Affairs (Luzon/Metro Manila) - Jean Espina ([email protected]).

.....Website - Edwin Veloso Pacana ([email protected]).

  To send your contribution to the foundation

Please contact our Foundation Treasurer regarding the matter.

.....The foundation in the future will offer welfare assistance and scholarship programs. This site will serve as a good venue in soliciting contributions from clan members to help those who are in need and also contribute to the continuing maintenance and improvement of this website. Contact Boy Angel Veloso, our Foundation Treasurer ([email protected])

Send your contributions and/or donations to:

Veloso Foundation Inc.
UCPB Mandaue City
Current Account No. 313002106

To all clan members:

This website is dedicated to the Veloso clan and we hope to provide a complete listings of our genealogy by soliciting your help in the update of each of our family trees. Please e-mail your update info to [email protected]
Thank you
Involved in the development of this website.
Butch K. Veloso
Our Foundation National President, who coordinated all clan actions and events.
Sandy Javier
Our Foundation National Vice President and who owns Andok's Litson, generously financed and spearheaded the web development.
Cirilo A. Veloso
Our clan historian who devoted most of his time compiling and updating our clan genealogy book.
Edwin Veloso Pacaña
who has done freely the systems and design of this website.
Atty Carmel Solon Villarosa
who is our website Editor for free.
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