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This genealogy site is designed to show one family unit with lineage Identification number along with the names of every family member. If the family unit is small, grand sons and grand daugthers are also included in one page. This is so to make our web site easier to update, for the coming generations and add members not included in our current clan database.

  Generation Marker  
On top of every family tree is a generation marker to guide visitors what generation the page belongs as shown below:

  Family Marker  
This maker shows the lineage before the current page and also serves as a return button to go back the previous page.

  The Family Tree  
  Although it does not shape like a tree, the representation is from the top or the head of the family that speards down to the siblings and to the siblings' siblings. If the family is too large to be shown in one page, sub-pages are created to show the complete family unit, as visually shown below:  
As shown above, some of the family tree info are incomplete. We are, therefore, requesting the immediate family members to provide us the complete family listings as to:

1. Correctness of the names
2. The sequence of the siblings from the eldest to the youngest
3. Members and new family additions not currently included in this website

  and e-mail the information or update to [email protected]  
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To all clan members:

This website is dedicated to the Veloso clan and we hope to provide a complete listings of our genealogy by soliciting your help in the update of each of our family trees. Please e-mail your update info to [email protected] or [email protected]

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