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The virtual home of Veloso clan in the Philippines

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Official Coat of Arms
brought by Boy Angel Veloso from Portugal Sept. 2006
  The Family Origin

.....The Velosos in the Philippines had traced its roots from Diego Veloso in the 16th century. He was a known brave Portuquese explorer and trader in asia. Diego was the great great grandfather of Don Eduardo Veloso of Cebu, the father of five (5) children, namely; Don Mariano, Doña Petrona, Fr. Rafael, Fr. Marcos and Don Dionisio.

.....Don Mariano Veloso married Carmen Rojas del Rosario and had five (5) Children - Don Maximo, Fr. Ambrosio, Doña Agustina, Don Gabino (Consul to Portugal & Ambassador To Venezuela) and Don Catalino (first lawyer of Cebu).

 ....Doña Petrona Veloso, unmarried, was awarded title of 'Marquesa' by the King of Spain for her valuable donations & services to the Church.

 ....The third son, Fr. Rafael Veloso was a missionary priest while the fourth son, Fr. Marcos Veloso also a priest, sired a son who migrated to Quezon Province. 

 ....The youngest, Don Dionisio Veloso married Evangelista Bautista had six (6) children - Don Juan, Don Escolastico Jose, Don Anatalio, Don Vidal, Doña Celedonia and Don Guillermo. 

  The Foundation  
The foundation was created and registered with the Security Exchange Commission to formally organize a working group that would unite all Veloso with Phillipine origin, sharing ideas, some wealth, skills and knowledge to help clan members in need, not only materially, but spiritually.

The National Veloso Reunions of 1983 & 2005 and with the Veloso genealogy book, painstakingly compiled by our very own historian Cirilo Veloso, had increasingly united Velosos' from all over the country and even reached the awareness of some of the Velosos' all over the world. To see the past and present elected officers for our national and local chapters, please log-in to our community on-line site.

If you have a Veloso bloodline, please register now and enjoy our community on-line site. You can see the current news, highlights & events and programs of the clan; the Who's Who in the Veloso Clan; search for your relatives by name, by location, by occupation and by line of business and view your family tree.


To all clan members:

This website is dedicated to the Veloso clan and we hope to provide a complete listings of our genealogy by soliciting your help in the update of each of our family trees. Please e-mail your update info to [email protected] .

Thank you

Involved in the development of this website.
Butch K. Veloso
Our Foundation National President, who coordinated all clan actions and events.
Sandy Javier
Our Foundation National Vice President and who owns Andok's Litson, generously financed and spearheaded the web development.
Cirilo A. Veloso
Our clan historian who devoted most of his time compiling and updating our clan genealogy book.
Edwin Veloso Pacaña
who has done freely the systems and design of this website.
Atty Carmel Solon Villarosa
who is our website Editor for free.
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