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Welcome to Veloso Foundation website!!! Enjoy your visit...... Thank you
Search for a Veloso Clan Member

  How to be a member of our online community site.

Step 1

.....Register to be an On-line member, this way, we can be sure that you are a veloso by lineage.

.....Another purpose is by registering you update your personal file and checked by our website administrator then for proper assignment of your username and initial password which you may change later.

Step 2

.....After verification by our Website Administrator, an e-mail will be sent to you to confirm your membership along with your username and password, so please state your e-mail address or assign an e-mail of a relative with internet access when registering. You may also apply for a free e-mail account with websites like Yahoo, Hotmail (MSN), Google and many more.

Step 3

.....You log-in to our online community site and enjoy your search....

  What you can search for in our on-line site
As a travel guide

.....You can search for velosos living in the area of your destination.

As a business contact guide

.....You can search for velosos who are in any industry in the philippines.

As a profession directory

.....You can search for velosos who are in different profession in the philippines.

As a verification tool

.....The foundation in the future will offer welfare assistance and scholarship programs. This site will serve as a verification tool for those processing the program's applications.
As a communication directory and tool

.....An updated personal file of the members has information of their contact numbers, cell numbers and e-mail addresses. This will enable the Foundation easy dissemination of information regarding the clan's coming events and programs.

As a genealogy search tool

.....You can find relatives by Name and Lastname, Clan ID, Grandparent, Non-Veloso Father or Mother or by Lastname only.

And many more .......
To all clan members:

This website is dedicated to the Veloso clan and we hope to provide a complete listings of our genealogy by soliciting your help in the update of each of our family trees. Please e-mail your update info to [email protected] or [email protected]
Thank you
Involved in the development of this website.
Butch K. Veloso
Our Foundation National President, who coordinated all clan actions and events.
Sandy Javier
Our Foundation National Vice President and who owns Andok's Litson, generously financed and spearheaded the web development.
Cirilo A. Veloso
Our clan historian who devoted most of his time compiling and updating our clan genealogy book.
Edwin Veloso Pacaña
who has done freely the systems and design of this website.
Atty Carmel Solon Villarosa
who is our website Editor for free.
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